Salt Rooms have been around since the Middle Ages.  In Greece, salt caves were used to treat respiratory, sinus and a number of additional ailments for many years. Today, the leading salt rooms in Israel use the finest natural Dead Sea salts, which have been proven to be beneficial and can help lead to a healthier life.

Constructed out of huge blocks of salt, these rooms are as much things of beauty, as they are revered for their healing powers. Salt rooms are becoming more popular every day because receiving treatment is just like relaxing in a five star hotel room. Fitted with flat screen TV’-s, comfortable chairs and a number of items that will make your time very enjoyable.

The benefits of salt rooms are not strictly for people with a certain health problem, as they are also recommended for people that tend to snore and especially for people quitting smoking.

Salt rooms using Dead Sea salts are popping up at some of the most beautiful locations around Israel, testament to their growing popularity. Children and adults alike have been completely cured, being able to breathe normally for the first time in their lives. These rooms have the ability to completely open up your airways and leave you breathing properly and feeling better than ever.

Book a quick and relaxing treatment at one of these incredible salt rooms during your next trip to Israel and see for yourself just how good Dead Sea salt can make you feel.