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Natural Art: Salt Crystals Shine

If you have been to the Dead Sea than you know how salty the water really is. If you haven’t been there, let’s just say that if you were to put 34% salt into your glass of water and take a sip that would be the same level of saltiness that the Dead Sea has. […]

28 August, 2016 Read More

Incredible wildlife

19 August, 2016 Read More

The Sky Comes Alive with Perseids Meteor Shower

7 August, 2016 Read More

Beat the Dead Sea Heat with a few Summer Tips

27 July, 2016 Read More

Events in the Dead Sea



Dead Sea Hotels

The perfect balance between recreation and spa  A vacation at the Dead Sea is always a special experience like no...

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Expert Hiking

The Dead Sea area and the Judean desert offer a variety of hiking paths and day trips for everyone. If you are looking for...

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ז  מצדה ספטמבר 2011

The Masada Museum

The Masada Museum at Masada National Park — a great way to learn the site’s rich history on your next trip to Israel...

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Did You Know ?

The Dead Sea is 423 meters (1388 feet) below sea level, the lowest place on earth.