Pamper yourself with one of the many types of therapeutic massage that the Dead Sea Spas have to offer.

The Dead Sea is one of the most naturally relaxing places on earth. The calming, mineral-rich waters, therapeutic mud and sulfur pools are perfect for anyone looking to relax. One thing that can take your next trip to the Dead Sea to a whole other level is a visit to one of the world-class resorts that line its banks.

One of the premier ways to relax at the Dead Sea is by booking one of the many types of massage therapies, which are available at the many spas in the area. Massage therapy is incredibly popular before or after a soak in the Dead Sea and is a perfect way to begin or end your day.

There are professional masseuses who specialize in a wide variety of massage treatments such as:

Swedish massage therapy: One of the most common and popular forms of massage therapy, known for its long smooth strokes, circular movements and gentle kneading. It is also a perfect first choice for a massage.

Hot stone massage: Let the smooth heated stones, placed on your body at specific spots, relax and loosen your muscles as your stress melts away. Dead Sea specialists have mastered this form of massage therapy and it is recommended wholeheartedly.
Deep tissue massage: This massage targets the deep layers of muscles for ultimate relaxation. It is popular with people that have massages regularly, but is also recommended for anyone in need of deep relaxation. Combine this massage with a Dead Sea aromatherapy treatment for the ultimate experience.

The Dead Sea is a massage-lovers paradise, full of unique and beneficial treatments given by professional and attentive massage therapists.