The lowest place on earth is a popular tourist site, offering visitors who come here from all over world a variety of attractions suitable for men, women, families, young couples and children.

Tourism and Vacations

On the shores of the Dead Sea await attractions that allow visitors to lean back, relax and enjoy the quiet and the intoxicating view, which can be found at only one place in the world, the lowest place on earth.
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Historical Attractions

The Dead Sea region features historical sites of global importance, attracting thousands of lovers of history and archeology every year.

  1. Masada – a historical site that symbolizes determination, courage and heroism. For further information – see Wikipedia.
  2. Qumran – the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest documentation of the Bible, were discovered. The Scrolls remained intact for 2,000 years, thanks to the dry air characteristic of the Dead Sea area. For more information – Click
  3. The Baptism Site – the baptism site near where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea is identified with the place where Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, and is considered one of the most sacred places in the Christian world. Near the baptism site is the Monastery of John the Baptist, known as “Kasser al Yahud” (the Palace of the Jews). Each year, baptism ceremonies, epiphanies, take place at the site, attracting thousands of Christian pilgrims from around the world. The ceremonies take place on two main dates: at Easter and the feast of the Epiphany.