One of the fastest new extreme sports out there today requires big sand dunes and modified snowboards. Sandboarding is one of the most fun ways to spend many hours with friends, family or even on your own. Even if you have never been on a board before you will be racing up the hills just as fast as you slide down to go for another ride.

The Dead Sea has many attractions to choose from, and located just a short drive off its enchanting shoreline, are a number of sandboarding sites.  These enormous sandy dunes constantly change in shape due to the warm desert winds so no two days are exactly alike.  Many of the courses are many meters long and boarders can reach high speeds, very fast.

Just like in snowboarding, the bindings are secured over your feet, giving maximum control over the board and ensuring you are not separated from it. The soft-fine sand that is optimal for sandboarding is found all over the Dead Sea region, making it one of the favorite spots of amateur and professional sand-boarders alike.

Not only for the experienced, sandboarding is done with a trained professional that will help get you down the dunes safely. After only a few runs, it becomes as easy as riding a bike and it is then-that the fun and the adrenaline really kicks in.

Take a break from the everyday, and get on a board that goes fast down a soft, sandy mountain.  You will never believe just how amazing it will make you feel.