The ultimate adrenaline rush and scenery like you’ve never seen before; the Dead Sea offers many ways to have fun.

Extreme sports have never been so popular and Israel is one of the world leaders in many types of extreme sports such as kite boarding, wind surfing, sky diving and rappelling. With numerous dry waterfalls and high cliffs complete with majestic views of the canyons below, the Dead Sea and surrounding area offer some of the best rappelling options in the world.

Full length of young woman climbing rock

Nachal Rachaf – This amazing canyon is located on the southern tip of the Judean Desert and on their way there visitors see the magnificent views that the Dead Sea is famous for.  The canyon is suitable for beginners as well as for seasoned veteran climbers. Taking a trip to Nachal Rachaf is like stepping into another world with its narrow passages, stone ladders, and pools to swim across that are like nowhere else on earth. The plants and animals on this adventure make rappelling here even more enjoyable.

Nachal Tmarim – If you’re looking for the ultimate in rappelling challenges, Nachal Tmarim is the place for you. Located just a few kilometers from the banks of the Dead Sea, with panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges, this unbelievable canyon has some of the highest waterfalls you’ll ever see. This hike and rappelling adventure takes only a few hours, and at the end of the day you’ll land up on the beach of the Dead Sea. The most amazing thing about Nachal Tmarim is that it can be done at night, which makes for an experience like no other.

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