Dead Sea Camping – Pitch a Tent

Are you the type of person that loves to go camping? If so, you will love the unique camping experience offered at the Dead Sea. Sleep under the stars as close as possible to the natural surroundings and let the warm breeze in the area put you to rest.

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Whether you would like to camp privately or have a unique camping experience in a Bedouin tent, the Dead Sea has it all. There are a number of public beaches and designated camping areas, which are open to the public.

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Camping at the Dead Sea is an amazing experience as campers are literally pitching a tent at the lowest point on earth. The oxygen surrounding the sea feels different and helps to ease people with breathing difficulties. This is not your ordinary spot for a campsite as here the water is 8 times saltier than the oceans and the silence of the desert landscape will make you sleep like a baby.

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There are a number of camping sites at the Dead Sea and many Israelis and tourists from all over the world flock to set up tents and take off from the repetitive hotel experience.

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Camping at the Dead Sea is especially smart for travelers on a budget as the campsites are incredibly affordable and will not break the bank.

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Kessem Hamidbar (The Magic of the Desert), Neot Hakikar, Dead Sea – No camping adventure would be complete without a night or two at the unbelievably creative and beautiful site located just 20 minutes from the hotels at the Dead Sea. Kessem Hamidbar offers travelers their choice of camping residences. Choose between a traditional Bedouin tent, wood cabins, straw huts and much more. It’s a truly unique experience that can only be enjoyed at the Dead Sea.

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The Ein Gedi Beach Campground, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea –Situated on the northern shores of the Dead Sea, this beautiful beachside campground is a preferred destination. Campers get a kick out of driving along highway 90 (the lowest road in the world) to the campsite across from Kibbutz Ein Gedi. At this campsite, you can wade into the water whenever you want, as you are literally only meters from the shore. The overnight stay at the site is completely free but if you want to use the shower and toilet facility, a symbolic fee is charged.

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