The Magical Beaches of the Dead Sea

The beaches of the Dead Sea are like nothing else the world has to offer. There are many kilometers of beautifully developed and well-maintained sandy spots where you can soak up the sun while on your dream vacation.

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Choose your spot on the rocky sand and take in the breathtaking scenery with the incredible mountain ranges surrounding the sea. The warm waters of the Dead Sea are always calm and offer superior relaxation from the minute you get in.

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Many of the beaches along the Dead Sea belong to the hotels and can only be used by paying a fee, renting a chair or else for free for hotel guests. There are also private resorts and other pay-to-enter beaches that are often uncrowded and relaxing.

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For a list for all the beaches at the Dead Sea, click here:

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נוף 3 בחורות

Natural Spa

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A visit to the Dead Sea beaches quickly becomes a luxurious spa day; best of all, it is free.

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The famous Dead Sea mud found at Mineral Beach, the famous resort opened in 1996 offering amazing hot-sulphur-spring water pools and a year round water temperature of 39°C (102.0°F).

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Dead Sea mud has been proven beneficial to the skin and body. You will feel refreshed with skin that looks and feels younger. Give yourself the pampering that you deserve and get dirty with the Dead Sea mud – it’s healthy!

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The shoreline on most of the beaches is riddled with large and small pieces of Dead Sea salt which many people scrub their skin with, before applying liberal amounts of the black mud.

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What are you waiting for? Book your next vacation and relax on the beaches at the Dead Sea.

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