Qasr Al Yahud, located just 10 kilometers north of the Dead Sea on the Jordan River, is one of the most important  traditional baptism sites in the world. The site is well-known and frequented by thousands of eager visitors each year who come to take a dip in the same waters as Jesus, according to the New Testament.

The site is a beautiful combination of historic and modern, with ruins of churches and living quarters from both the Byzantine and Crusader periods. Access to the river has been refurbished with marble steps, prayer facilities, showers, parking and is also wheelchair and handicap accessible. In the past, getting to Qasr Al Yahud was somewhat difficult but ever since the Israel Parks Authority took over administration it is open daily and is well-kept. The water is also checked regularly to ensure that visitors enjoy a healthy, purifying experience.


Some of the best times to visit Qasr Al Yahud are during the mass prayer-gatherings, which take place during the first few months of each year: on January 6th, the Feast of Epiphany, followed by the much larger Theophany celebrations on January 19th. Naturally, Easter weekend in April is also an important time for Baptisms.

Now that the site is open and under supervision, it is easier than ever to take a quick day trip to Qasr Al Yahud during your next trip to the Holy Land.

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