Natural Art: Salt Crystals Shine

If you have been to the Dead Sea than you know how salty the water really is. If you haven’t been there, let’s just say that if you were to put 34% salt into your glass of water and take a sip that would be the same level of saltiness that the Dead Sea has. This is the reason that all people float in the Dead Sea, and the reason that no animals can sustain life in its waters. The salt does create a beautiful artistic phenomenon that can be viewed in plain sight in the form of salt crystals.

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Salt crystals are due to a buildup of salts that have accumulated over many centuries.

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There are close to 40 types of minerals in the water, which makes these natural art sculptures take very cool forms over a long period of time. There are various shallow areas at the Dead Sea, which are the perfect locations for seeing salt crystals. Better known as crystalline art, thousands of people come and see the intricate formations that appear to be like mushrooms, icicles, and even like pyramids. The salt is quite fragile, which makes for very intricate geometric shapes that glisten in the hot sun.
Even closer still, just on the banks of the Dead Sea at virtually all of the beaches, simply reaching down and pulling up some of the seabed will get you a handful of beautiful salt crystals, many that keep their form long after taken out of the water. The smaller pieces of salt art are not the same as the almost lifelike salt statues that can be found at many of the smaller beaches. It would be well worth your time to take a trip to a new beach away from the hotels to see the ever-developing artwork created by the salty sea.

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