Incredible wildlife

The deserts surrounding the Dead Sea are home to incredible wildlife.

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Geographically speaking the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, located in both the Negev and the Judean deserts of Israel. It is a premier travel destination that boasts some of the world’s most ancient archeology, holiest biblical sites, breathtaking views, and outstanding hospitality. However, did you know that the Dead Sea is also teeming with wildlife, some of which that is only found in the most rare locations. It’s true and it is easier to access excellent viewing posts than one would probably ever know.

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The next time that you are taking a world-class relaxation vacation at the Dead Sea, why not take a day or night excursion into the desert. Just 15-minutes away from the hotels is the famous village of Ein Gedi. Renowned for its impressive waterfall and greenery in the middle of the dry surrounding, Ein Gedi is home to some of the best spots on the planet to see animals like the Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, the Barbary Falcon and more. Many tourists to the region have come across the hyranx, which can be an adrenaline rush as these little furry friends run quite fast and close to humans.

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In the canyons and near areas that have more moisture and shade, wildlife lovers will be able to see a number of ibex, camels, jackals, donkeys and in some cases in the gazelle, striped hyena and massive wild boar. It is absolutely astonishing to see such big animals thrive in the dry climate.

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It would be a real shame to come all the way to the Dead Sea and not see the native species that surround its banks. An entire ecosystem of flora and fauna, which has remained untouched and unchanged for thousands of years.

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