The Dead Sea and surrounding region offer many ways to stay warm and cozy during those long winter months and it all starts with natural ways to stay hot.

Even during the long, cold winter in the rest of the world, the Dead Sea very rarely gets colder than 11°C and usually stays around the 20°C mark from November till February, before the hot spring and summer months take over. There are a number of attractions designed to keep visitors warm and the most popular one is taking a dip in the famous Ein Gedi Hot Springs.

Ein Gedi Hot Springs
The Ein Gedi Hot Springs have become a world-renowned spa destination for year-round treatments and relaxation. Located just 3.5km from Kibbutz Ein Gedi, these mineral hot springs offer a healthy and beneficial amount of sulphur, which is proven to be important for healthy looking skin. It is not only the skin that benefits from the relaxing hot waters, the entire body and soul get a thorough boost, which will leave you feeling refreshed and very calm.
The springs include six thermo-mineral pools, so there is more than enough space for all and that is in addition to the other world class spa treatments that can be taken advantage of therein.
The Dead Sea is one of the best places to beat the cold and chase the sun, so make sure to book your next visit and escape the winter.

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