Plan your next vacation to the Dead Sea, a world-class tourist destination at the lowest place on the planet. The Dead Sea offers everything you need for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation as a couple or with your family.


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What is the Dead Sea?

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A historic salt lake which has been transformed into one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Revered for its health benefits, ancient history, breathtaking landscapes and hot weather, the Dead Sea attracts hundreds of thousands of eager vacationers every year.

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Where is it?

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The Dead Sea is located in Israel, between the Judean and Negev Desert in the south. There are beaches as close as 45 minutes from Jerusalem but experiencing an extraordinary stay at the Dead Sea is a must.

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What is so special about the Dead Sea?

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There is simply nothing that even comes close to it on earth! The Dead Sea is 8 times saltier than the oceans and swimmers can’t help but float in its waters. It’s a wild and relaxing experience. The entire area has been proven a natural health spa due to its mineral-rich waters, clean air and low sun radiation.

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In addition to the natural beauty in the area, there is a rich history, which coexists with the modern attractions. Mountaintop fortresses, ancient ruins, monasteries, and pilgrimage sites and so much more can be found throughout the area.

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Who is it suitable for?

Absolutely everyone.


What can I do there?

Looking for a relaxing spa vacation? There are dozens of excellent spas and natural pools so you can slow down. Couples can share a romantic getaway for two and families will find everything they need to keep the kids occupied so they too can relax and make memories.

Visit some of the world’s holiest sites. The Dead Sea was a preferred vacation spot for King David and even Herod the Great built the first spa resort there. Hundreds of Christian and Jewish sites can be visited there.

Maybe you like extreme sports? The Dead Sea offers some of the best single-track racing, mountain climbing, rappelling, and skydiving options. There are also a number of cultural activities, major music festivals and a number of other hidden gems all waiting for you at the Dead Sea.


What else is there to do in the area?

The entire Dead Sea region is littered with unbelievable attractions: from the historic Masada Mountain, to the natural springs and waterfalls at Ein Gedi National Park, all surrounded by the vast deserts and their awe-inspiring natural landscapes.


When to visit?

The Dead Sea is a year round destination and travelers will enjoy themselves no matter when they arrive. The weather is warm in the winter and very hot the rest of the year so be sure to pack sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.



Do yourself a favor and book your next vacation at the Dead Sea.