Beat the Dead Sea Heat with a few Summer Tips

So you’re going to the Dead Sea for a week this summer but aren’t sure if you have brought enough of the essentials. The Israeli summer can be difficult to deal with and the fact that the Dead Sea is always hotter than the national average means that there are some invaluable things you can bring with you to make your stay a lot more pleasurable.

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If you are the type of person that likes to take a walk to see the natural beauty of the region you’re staying then this first tip is for you. Plan to get the most comfortable climate conditions in the early morning with a crisp breeze that rolls in over the mountains. Alternatively, the evening in the summer months is also quite tolerable but be sure to pack some comfortable and breathable clothes in your suitcase.

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Wear sunscreen and a hat. Even though the Dead Sea is the lowest place on the face of the planet and the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB are farther away doesn’t mean you can’t get burned. Wearing a hat will protect your head and sunscreen will protect your skin just be sure to reapply often as the salty water washes it away.

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The last tip would be to spend time in your beautiful hotel. There are many five star facilities at the Dead Sea and they are packed with beautiful amenities including pools, spas and tons more. Explore the indoors a little bit and take advantage of everything your hotel has to offer.

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