Right at the southern edge of the Dead Sea, on the way to the city of Arad, there is a hiking route that will leave you in awe. Perfect for amateur hikers and families, this trek boasts a number of observation points that offer panoramic views of the Dead Sea and even of the natural springs at Ein Bokek.  Tamrur Cliff to Ein Bokek is a 10 km hike through some of the most enchanting desert terrain the Dead Sea region has to offer and itis a perfect way to spend a day during your next trip.

This well-loved hiking route begins at the foot of Tamrur Cliff and leads hikers from the lowest point on earth, at the Dead Sea, up via an ascent that offers spectacular views at its summit of the entire southern part of the Dead Sea.

About mid-way through the hike, and after you see desert flora along the way, you’ll be able to hear the Bokek Waterfall in the distance. The 100 m waterfall is surrounded by the peaks of the Edom Mountains and many other cliffs that are part of the Great Rift Valley, which goes as far as Tanzania in Africa.

After spending some time in the natural spring and taking in the wildlife you are sure to see on the hike, the 400 m descent from HeEtekim Cliff to Ein Bokek begins.  Many fruit and palm trees grow at this desert spring, one of the lowest mineral springs in the world, due to the water at Ein Bokek, which has been used for its therapeutic properties ever since ancient times.

Spend a day with your friends or family on a majestic hike through one of the most unique places in the world.

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