The Bedouin community of Hura is almost set to launch one of the first ever eco-villages in the Negev desert, which will include flora and fauna, powered by innovative renewable energy.

Just 30 minutes from the Dead Sea, the Wadi Attir Project recently finished the preparation phase of their planned eco-village project. Once completed, this will be a model for sustainable, community-based agriculture. Set on more than 95 acres of desert land, the village will include 7 hectares of indigenous vegetables and medicinal plants. The rest of the land will be dedicated to grazing livestock.

The second area is earmarked for animal pens, administration, solar energy production, a recycling plant, a compost site, a training center and a visitor’s center.

The project will directly affect the lives of over 10,000 Bedouin and indirectly affect many more. Visitors will be able to tour this unique eco-village and take part in a wide variety of projects.

Dead Sea tourists will be able to travel the short drive to see the innovation for themselves and be able to make it back to their respective hotels in time for lunch or dinner. With plans for traditional Bedouin hospitality, this will make an excellent day trip option for travelers.

Once ready, the eco-village will be one of the only of its kind in the Middle East, with hopes to replicate it elsewhere in the future.

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