You’re on vacation at the Dead Sea. Kudos, as this is a premier vacation destination that is so relaxing that you may forget your daily routine. But what is a day like while on vacation at the Dead Sea?

If you are staying in one of the hotels at the Dead Sea, be sure to wake up for the amazing breakfast that you are sure to get. Vacationers usually wake up at 8-10 am and scurry down to the banquet hall to eat some of the prime culinary delights that world-class chefs have prepared: everything from local cheeses, fresh fruits, and omelets cooked to order, to a myriad of never-ending food that will most likely tide you over till the evening.

So after breakfast you have many options, but the smart vacationer will go down to their hotel’s private beach for a little R&R on the waterfront. Soaking up the morning sun is a must at the Dead Sea while taking the odd float in the warm healing waters just a few meters from your beach chair.

In the early afternoon, it’s time for a spa treatment, and there are a few places that specialize in spas like the Dead Sea. There is everything from massages and mud treatments to sulfur pools, facials, and so much more. Take a few treatments and you’ll feel refreshed for the evening.

It’s time for dinner at around 8 o’clock, and the Dead Sea will not disappoint you with the gourmet restaurants therein. All different kinds of food can be found to fill you up for the next day of relaxation. Take advantage of a nightclub, a hotel bar, or a night cap in the room before going to sleep for your ultimate relaxation.

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